About us
Polytech Asia Pte. Ltd., founded by Mr. Jagdish Maurya, is a leading supplier of scientific and laboratory instruments in Singapore. The company, through its unwavering commitment to bringing the best products to its markets in South Asia, South East Asia, ASEAN countries, and Asia Pacific region as a whole,has gradually built its reputation by delivering quality products manufactured by the premier providers of application-based testing instruments from the world over.

Polytech Asia Pte. Ltd., headquartered in Singapore, has been forging lasting synergies with its privileged clients by ensuring every order is accorded its deserved attention, every service request is given due promptness, and every detail is afforded its requisite focus.

Polytech Asia Pte. Ltd., has earned itself a reputation through continual customer satisfaction ensured by timely delivery, furthered by deep insight of specialised products, and together with intrinsic expertise in the end-to-end processes of delivering the best from manufacturers traversing the globe, has made it the partner of choice in the scientific and laboratory instruments realm in Asia.

Ever since its inception, Polytech Asia Pte. Ltd., has prided itself through its stellar performance in both the public and private domain, spanning a multitude of industries and businesses. Today, the company is recognised as a reliable and trusted partner for instrumentation and testing equipment in its markets, driven by its steely resolve towards ensuring maximum performance, meeting and exceedingboth national and international standards.

Never to rest on our laurels, Polytech Asia Pte. Ltd., will continue to push the boundaries of excellence in customer service and operational efficiency. We are ideally positioned to enter the next phase of our vision for continuous improvement and not just present what the world has to offer in scientific and laboratory testing instruments, but explore and present the most innovative and pioneering products from the leading manufacturers in the world to our ever-increasing base of reputed clientele.